To make Startblok a success, we work together with several partners who contribute to many aspects of the project! For example, they help with an honest and successful selection, offer counselling and creating a future perspective for all occupants.

The following organizations are currently our partners:

Logo COA


The COA stands for Centraal Orgaan Opvang Asielzoekers (central department for sheltering refugees). They are responsible for the inflow, shelter, counselling and outflow of the refugees in the Netherlands. For Startblok, the COA take care of the selection and recruitment of the status-holders and they help to develop the ideas and plans for Startblok.

Logo VluchtelingenWerk


When refugees are allowed to stay in the Netherlands, they can start to build their new life and existence. It is not always easy to find your way in a complex country such as the Netherlands. This is where Vluchtelingenwerk steps in and helps them along. For Startblok, Vluchtelingenwerk is involved in the development of the project by giving their input and vision on our ideas. Also, they offer their support to the status-holders that will be living at Startblok.

Logo Kamers van kansen

Kamers met Kansen

Kamers met kansen (rooms with chances) is a working and learning track for students of secondary vocational education who are between 18 and 26 years old and who have a high risk of dropping out of their education. To 15 youngsters that are following this program, Startblok offers a place to give them the opportunity to develop their skills and broaden their knowledge to be able to become an independent citizen. During their stay they will be supervised by Kamers met kansen, until they are ready to stand on their own feet.

At the moment, we are still looking for important, creative and inspiring partnerships. We hope to add more to this list soon. Do you have an idea for an interesting partnership? Feel welcome to contact us!

“We hope to stimulate and ease the integration of young refugees with this mixed form of housing.”

Spokesman alderman Ivens, Municipality of Amsterdam