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Startblok Academy: Coding 101

By 15-02-2018February 19th, 2018Blog

Servers, clients, databases, HTML, CSS, JavaScript … ..Whaaat ???
With zero knowledge about programming, servers or Javascript, I came to the first ‘Coding 101’ workshop. With my laptop under my arm and no idea what to expect, I came to the clubhouse. Slowly people started showing up and by the time the presentation starts, a small but very enthusiastic club had gathered.

Hasan kicks off the evening. He is also a resident of Startblok and a ‘Computer Science’ student. He starts with the question: “What is the internet?” The room became silent and everyone starts to look at each other a little uncomfortably, soon after, persons began to warm up and started answering. Hasan explains that the internet is a physical network of computers around the world. The atmosphere in the clubhouse is pleasant and there are many questions from the group. Hasan’s explanation about WAN, LAN and servers made me realize how extremely little I knew about something I use every day!

After a very clear explanation from Hasan about how we are able to get our daily dose of internet, two other residents – Mostafa and Max – took over. Mostafa studied information technology and completed a programming course at ‘Hack your future’, Max studies Communication and Multimedia Design and is a creative developer at Active Collective. Having internet is one step one but how does this translate into something that we, “non-computer wizards”, actually understand?! With an incredible example of a butt (see image) they began to explain which role HTML, CSS and Javascript play in building a website.

After the explanation of the three coding wizards we get to play and mess around a bit with the different programming languages. While trying different rules of code, I come to the conclusion that I can suddenly make stuff happen in a language that always seemed incomprehensible. Don’t ask me to create a website or fix a bug yet, but who knows what I am capable of after a few more workshops!

Startblok Academy
‘Coding 101’ is the first in what will hopefully be a successful series of cool and instructive workshops that fall under the Startblok Academy. The idea of Startblok Academy is to share knowledge and expertise among residents and other interested parties. Given by residents (possibly in combination with an expert from outside), these workshops/lectures offer an insight into different fields of study and jobs. With Startblok Academy we hope to make it possible for everyone to try new things and discover what you would really like to do.

Want to participate?!
Starting the end of February there will be a ‘Coding 101’ workshop every other week, check the Facebook page of Startblok Riekerhaven for the exact information.

Do you want to give a workshop or lecture yourself? Is there something you would like to learn or know more about? Send an email to, then we’ll see what we can do to make it happen!