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Are you interested in living at Startblok? Do you want to live with Dutch youngsters and status holders (young refugees who have just received a residence permit) and contribute to a community to build a future together? Depending on your situation, you can apply in several different ways. Please take note that in order to build a successful community we carefully select each tenant.

Interested in living at Startblok?

Step one

Check whether you can apply to live in Startblok Riekerhaven:

  • Are you 18 to 27 years old?
  • Are you socially engaged and are you becoming enthusiastic thinking about the deeper meaning of Startblok?
  • Are you a (parttime) student (MBO/HBO/WO), working or searching for work? Can you prove that you do not have an annual net income of € 40.024, – or more?

Step 2

If you haven’t done so yet, register to Woningnet.

Stap 3

When we are looking for new residents at Startblok Riekerhaven an advertisement will be listed on Woningnet. Register to this advertisement and we will send you an invitation to one of our mandatory information meetings!

Step 4

At the information meeting we will tell you everything about the concept of Startblok Riekerhaven. We will give you a tour of the terrain as well, show you one of the houses, and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you might still have.

Step 5

Do you think you’d enjoy living at Startblok after we’ve told you all about the project? Great! After you have attended the information meeting we will ask you to fill in a form with some questions about your motivation. This way you can tell us why exactly you’d like to live at Startblok.

We will select the new residents based on these motivations.

Your motivation letter should be in Dutch. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What’s important iss that you’re trying.

Step 6

Within a short period of time, we will let you know whether you are selected to live at Startblok Riekerhaven. We’ll add your name to our waiting list and as soon as there is a place available, we will tell you when you can move in!

Step 7

If you are selected, we will need you to send us some documents, like a testimony about your income. We will tell you all the exact details when you get selected. After you give us the information we need, we will invite you to sign your contract and to come pick up the keys to your brand new home!

Step 8

We will provide you with all the information you need to sign your contract online. Our administration manager will help you through the steps. When all the formalities of the contract are finished we’ll invite you to come pick up your keys. You’ll get some more information about practical matters at Riekerhaven and we’ll show you to your new home.