Are you interested in living at Startblok? Do you want to live with Dutch youngsters and status-holders and contribute to a community to build a future together? Depending on your situation, you can apply in several different ways. Please take note that in order to build a successful community we carefully select each tenant.

  • Status-holders who received an invitation for this project need to be selected by the COA and the Municipality of Amsterdam.
  • Status-holders staying at the AZC in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the Netherlands without an invitation have to get selected by the Municipality of Amsterdam. At the moment their waiting list is full and is it unfortunately not possible to subscribe to their list. When the waiting list will be available again, it will appear on this page.
  • Status-holders that already have a residence in the Netherlands (not in the AZC) can apply by subscribing to the waiting list, just like the young people from the Netherlands.
  • Are you from abroad, staying in the Netherlands for work or study activities? You can also subscribe to our waiting list and follow the same procedure as young people from the Netherlands.*

* Please note that the main goal of Startblok is to build a community, so the duration of your stay is of importance when we make selections. When your stay is short, we believe this might not be best for the social cohesion and the continuation of the project.

Interested in living at Startblok?

“Tenants form one group together, because of their collective goal: offer each other a great kick off for a better future!”

Fleur (24), tenant