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Meet the team: Myrna

My name is Myrna I am 27 years old. I was born on the sunny Island of Aruba. I’ve been a community builder since Januari. I am currently finishing my studies of software development and I hope that I am able to implement software with my desire to help everyone I come in contact with.
I have been living at startblok since october 2021 and the reason I came to live here is to help me develop as a person by becoming more social and open to new people, connections and experience.

By becoming a community builder I do not only do that for myself but as well for everyone that lives at startblok that also want to develop and grow so they can start with the next fase of their lives.

Before starting as a community builder at startblok I have worked at several places including mandara spa in Aruba, dominos pizza and various retail and sales job. I have also done volunteer work for the paralympics, animal shelter, Art fair Aruba ,visiting elderly people who are expiercing loneliness, as well as teaching kids how they are able to create and program computer games.

In my spare time I love to attend poledance classes, I love visiting museums, going to concert of artists I adore, watching anime, traveling, hanging out with my friends, modelling and experiencing new things in general. I try to keep myself busy as I find that it makes life more enjoyable for me.