Aside from self-management, it’s also possible to contribute by organizing things yourself which will contribute to social cohesion and community building.

Lots of possibilities

Almost anything is possible! All kinds of activities can be organized; sports, cooking, games, movies or music. This can be done one-off, but it is also possible to form a committee or a club so the activities take place more frequently. It is all up to the tenants and their wishes! The self-management team can offer support.

Let us know your ideas!

Are you, or will you be a tenant and have an idea? No matter if it’s something big or small, let us know what you would like to do!

Would you like to know which activities will take place at Startblok? Take a look at ‘What’s new/Activities’. We will regularly update this page and add new events!

Coordination of activities at Startblok

In order to facilitate different ideas, activities and events a foundation was set up by a couple of volunteers. The board members coordinate all activities and project at Startblok.

Recently a new team started to coordinate the activities! Stay tuned for their stories. In the meantime, read about the previous Startblokkers that helped organize many events.

I’m a sucker for Startblok. It’s been almost two years since I moved to Startblok; My first place of residence in lovely Amsterdam! Ever since the beginning I’ve been trying to contribute to the community as a hallway manager and co-founder of our foundation Startblok Actief.
As treasurer, I’m basically the money-guy that tries to keep an eye on our expense and income. If we want to keep improving the terrain and hosting cool activities, we need to maintain financial stability. We raise money through guided tours and subsidies, so that we can spend it on hosting activities. parties and investments in Startblok-initiatives!

Two years ago, when I first heard about Startblok Riekerhaven, I was immediately hooked on the idea. The concept of living together, helping each other and taking part in a community you have build up yourself still makes me excited and proud. Since January 2018 I am the chairman of the Startblok Actief! foundation. I will try to make the foundation do more stuff with the ideas and great initiatives from alle the residents of Startblok Riekerhaven. So if you have ideas for fun activities, please contact us!

In startblok we live as a young big family, where culture, mentality, education and backgroung is diverse. I joined Stichting Startblok Actief! because I want to play my part in the social cohesion of this big family, to be a bridge between cultures and to learn from everyone around me. My goal is to, together with my team, bring everyone as close as possible to each other.

I’ve been living at Startblok for some time now but because of my studies and traineeship I had little time to really get involved. I liked the fact that more and more residents started to dedicate themselves to Startblok by organizing a film night, exchanging clothes and teaching each other new languages. The longer I lived at Startblok, the more I realised that it is the residents who make this place alive and unique. I wanted to contribute to this as well.

As the secretary I am mainly responsible for the promotion of events and the maintenance of records and administration within the foundation. Besides that I also help coordinate our Startblok garden together with Yara.


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“The most important aspect of Startblok is that youngsters with different histories, knowledge and talents are brought together with the same goal: creating a good place to live and where you can personally grow.”

Maartje (25), panel member