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Startblok Riekerhaven is a social living project founded by de Key in cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam and Socius Wonen. On the 1st of July 2016 the first residents got the key for their new home at Startblok Riekerhaven. At our social living project, the creation of a community within this project is priority number one. And of course, you have to work together to achieve that. At Startblok, residents get the chance to manage their own living space. Every aspect, every detail of Startblok leaves a scope for effort and initiative from its Residents. We call this self management; everything that can be organized by residents, will be organized by its residents.

An example for the self management is the Self management team.

A place to meet each other

Startblok exists of 405 living places spread over 22 corridors. Most of these hallways have collective living rooms. Every hall has one or two Hallway Managers. They are there to motivate residents that are in that hallway to take care of their living space, like their hall and collective living room. They are also there to organize activities. They are also the first point of contact if a resident needs help with something.

On the outside areas of Startblok you will find sports fields and a clubhouse. The residents have been building their own BBQ spots, a swimming pool and are also gardening in their own vegetable gardens. Furthermore, we have a place where campfires are being held (usually in summer). All our spaces are designed for meeting each other and to arrange new activities. Residents of Startblok can also ask for budget and assistance at the foundation Startblok Actief!. This foundation is also managed by residents of Starblok.

Startblok is meant for young refugees and Dutch youngsters

“Startblok gives tenants a base in Amsterdam. Here they are given a place to develop themselves, to create a network and to shape their futures.”

Isabel (24), panel member