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The status holders at Startblok Riekerhaven are being selected in cooperation with COA and the municipality of Amsterdam. The starters can sign themselves in for a selection procedure and must meet the requirements down bellow.

Startblok Riekerhaven is for young people who are:

 Between 18 and 27 years old.

 Socially engaged and always ready to help a neighbor.

 Studying (parttime) (MBO/HBO/WO), working, or searching for work. Besides all that you must be able to prove that you do not have more than € 40.024, – as an annual net income.

 Searching for a way to make an impact in their environment.

Feeling enthusiastic and do you want to apply as soon as possible? Apply now in WoningNet and watch that platform carefully. As soon as there is an add for Riekerhaven, you can react on it.

What do we mean by self-management?

“It's self-organizing. There is no great central organization that pushes this; people just pick up an idea and they run with it, and they implement it where they are.”

Abdullah (23), statushouder & panellid