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Meet the team: Daan

Daan is 24 years old and now works at Startblok as a Community Builder with a rental business function. He has completed the bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. This program revolves around studying social issues from a combination of different scientific lenses. He is particularly interested in tensions in society, why some people oppose each other and how to transcend those conflicts. Daan has also placed this focus in his Master’s degree in Sociology. As a follow-up to the bachelor’s degree, we specialize in understanding society when people come together and what effects this can have. “I actually like to use all those ideas and theories at Riekerhaven, to see if they are correct at all.”

Daan worked as treasurer for two years during his studies. One year for his bachelor’s study association Pegasus and one year for the student-run living room of the faculty. In both cases it means on the one hand a responsibility for finances and keeping things in order and on the other hand making contact with fellow students to create a nice atmosphere.

Daan has been living at Riekerhaven for over 8 months now, where he lives with one of his best friends. Together with his housemate and his lovebird, they have made a cozy place in block 9. “I have really found my place at Riekerhaven, the way of living together appeals to me. I really like the idea that we should work together to solve problems and make our place to live and home.”