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Meet the team: Romy

Romy (29) moved into her studio at Startblok Riekerhaven in 2016. After six years she started as a Community Builder, just before she moved to Heemstedestraat due to the big fire in November ’22. Despite the slightly greater distance, she remains committed to Startblok. It feels like she still lives there.

In addition to her social activities at Startblok, she studied biology in Groningen and Amsterdam and has been active in the European youth association AEGEE-Europe. As a result, she has learned a lot about international politics and pressing social topics, but above all she has traveled a lot, partied and gained experience in connecting people. In the end, she decided to leave her master’s degree in Biology and focus on more social work.

Traveling is something she likes to do. You will probably hear from her regularly that she has been abroad. She prefers to go on the road by train, bus or by raising her thumb and hitchhiking somewhere. In the future, she sees herself making big trips again, as she did just before she started as a Community Builder. She was then gone for six months and traveled through half of Europe.

In her spare time, Romy likes to meet up with friends. She regularly chats for a long time or does something fun together. Her current favorite activity is winning at Drag Bingo in The Queen’s Head, but she also likes to be found at the drinks and activities at Startblok.