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Welcome to Startblok

For socially involved people

Startblok is a unique housing project in Amsterdam for 282 status-holders and 283 Dutch youngsters. Together they build a community in which their own input and efforts are most valued!

For young persons 18 to 27 years old

Startblok will be a starting point for young refugees who have recently received their residence permit (status-holders) and young persons from the Netherlands including students and job seekers.

For the venturesome kind

Tenants from Startblok are going to organize and control their own living environment. They’ll look after it themselves and take initiatives to organize learning, sports and cultural related activities and events.

For those starting out in Amsterdam

At Startblok you’ll get the chance to make your start in Amsterdam by renting for a maximum of five years. After this time new tenants will then get the same opportunity in making their great start in Amsterdam.


You live in a community with young people of diverse backgrounds and share the same goal: make a great start in Amsterdam.
Leren kennen
You go get to know one another, become buddies and build a strong diverse network.
You work together in maintaining the grounds, the communal living spaces and outside areas.
You always keep an eye on each other in order to feel safe within the community.
You inspire each other to develop yourself both professionally and personally.
You grow and get more experienced as a person in order to take the next step.

What is Startblok?

“Startblok gives tenants a base in Amsterdam. Here they are given a place to develop themselves, to create a network and to shape their futures.”

Isabel (24), panel member

“It's self-organizing. There is no great central organization that pushes this; people just pick up an idea and they run with it, and they implement it where they are.”

Abdullah (23), status-holder & panel member

“The most important aspect of Startblok is that youngsters with different histories, knowledge and talents are brought together with the same goal: creating a good place to live and where you can personally grow.”

Maartje (25), panel member

“As many activities as possible that we normally execute ourselves will be done by the tenants.”

Rienk Postuma, De Key

“This project is for people that really want to make something of their lives.”

Pim Koot, Socius Wonen

“We hope to stimulate and ease the integration of young refugees with this mixed form of housing.”

Spokesman alderman Ivens, Municipality of Amsterdam

“Tenants form one group together, because of their collective goal: offer each other a great kick off for a better future!”

Fleur (24), future tenant