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Meet the team: Gijs

By 29-11-2021Blog

Gijs is 23 years old and works as a community builder for Startblok Riekerhaven.  She is finishing her study ‘Interdisciplinaire sociale wetenschappen’. It’s a mix of all the social sciences like psychology, sociology and educational theory. She wants to focus on cultural anthropology. ‘’I really like the way of thinking in this specialization: that for everyone experiences can be very different.’’ In her spare time she likes to go to museums about art and history or to go to the city center for a drink with her friends. Besides working for Startblok, she has 2 other jobs: she’s an accountant and she prepares food for take away. She really likes the variety between the jobs. ‘’As a community builder I’m very proactive and I think a lot. But when I’m preparing food I’m working with my hands and you don’t have time to think, you just do it.’’

Before Gijs started working at Startblok, she was a secretary for her study association for a year. The year after that, she worked for the common room at her university. This is a common area of the UVA where people come together to have a drink, play games or study. ‘’This is why I wanted to become a community builder at Startblok. It’s kind of the same idea: you organize something with a small group of people.’’

Gijs has been living at Startblok for 3 months now. She could take over her friend’s room. ‘’I really like it here. It’s easy to hang out with other residents. Everyone invites you for all kinds of things and introduces you to the others. I truly experience the sense of community people are creating here.’’