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The last introduction in Startblok Riekerhaven

By 06-06-2016July 29th, 2016Blog

Samer is a resident of Startblok. He studied Journalism and English back in Syria. He wrote a short blog about the last introduction day which was on the 4th of June.

‘It was very good and nice introduction day: Startblok gave us a chance to meet each other and make new friendships with new people. Then they explained to us about housing laws; like when we should be quiet and that we should keep our buildings clean.

Startblok is managed by its own residents like the social management and the general management. There are some status-holders and some Dutch people in the teams. The teams are divided in several groups like; Group Managers, Social Managers, Administration Managers, Maintenance Managers, PR, communication and social implementation Managers ,Group Team and Handyman Team.

Then they provided a football player who did a very nice show with ball skills. His name was Muhammad. We also listened to music from a person from Syria and two persons from Holland. It was very funny, they sang in Arabic and English.

Then Praxis provided us a discount card for buying some stuff for our rooms like wall paint and flooring. Hotel West Side Inn offered us furniture like; lamps,  chairs, couches, beds).

Later they talked about activities and that Socius stimulates us to organize social event. They gave examples like barbecue, gardening clubs, film festivals, music studios, etc.

Also we met someone from Zuid Werkt, it’s a place where you can repair your bicycle. After that somebody from the Gemeente Amsterdam came, to tell us something about Amsterdam. We had to sign a the big poster with the logo of Startblok. In the end they invited us to drink something with each other and have conversations.

It was a very nice introduction in my opinion. This will be very good for all people, because it will make us quickly become friends. Also I wish a nice living for all.