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What about Festivals?

By 23-06-2017Activity

After the information nights about What About Eritrea and What About Jamaica we’ll have soon a What About Festivals?

Together with Georgie’s we organize an information event about festivals:
– what about drugs and alcohol?
– what about the music and DJ’s?
– what about flirting, sex and socializing?
– what about dancing?
– what about the history of festivals?

IN SHORT: What About Festivals?

During this evening we will also debate about: what is normal and what isn’t? What do you think of festivals? What do you expect of festivals?

Where: Clubhouse of Startblok Riekerhaven
When: Wednesday 28th of June at 19:30pm.

Check the event on Facebook and let us know you’ll be there!

ALSO GREAT TO KNOW: after this evening, it is possible for statusholders to go to Georgies Wuntergarten for free!
For more information please check out Georie’s Friendship Expedition.