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‘Samenwerken’ | Blog Samer

The most important thing in Startblok is that we do everything together. On the picture you see the organization team starting to organize the first party in Startblok Clubhuis. Startblok’s goal is to build a life together and this is the first step to try to organize more activities with all population of Startblok. People can meet each other more because of the activities.

The organization team tried to organize a beautiful party with different cultures. You could notice it in the music, games and other activities. This is ‘samenwerken’ in Holland. It is the most important word here to build your life and do different things in life. Sharing different ideas and opinions will be beneficial for those involved, as it can be incorporated in daily life: work, study and in your personal time.

Name: Samer Muhamad 
Age: 25 
Study/work: studied journalism in Syria – studies now Dutch language 
Interests: writing 
Function: blogger