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The Municipality of Amsterdam

The Municipality of Amsterdam is closely involved with Startblok. This is because of their task to create more housing for youngsters in Amsterdam and especially for young status-holders. Different departments of the municipality are involved:

  • Living (housing of status-holders)
  • Economy (economical participation of status-holders)
  • Jongeren Werkpunt Nieuw West (supportive department for young persons)
  • Stadsdeel Nieuw West (borough)

De Key

Housing foundation De Key is a building corporation with over 37,000 rental units in Amsterdam, Diemen and Zandvoort. In the short video (which you see below), De Key explains their direction towards ‘room for movement’. This direction is defining the choices that De Key makes. Centralization is the contribution that De Key makes to the dynamics of the city. By, for example, giving 565 youngsters the opportunity to build a future just outside the highway A10 of Amsterdam.

Because of this forward-thinking direction, De Key chose to develop Startblok Riekerhaven. As Startblok is a project for diverse young persons at the beginning of their living career, it’s a reflection of what De Key’s direction is.

Socius Wonen

After participating and winning the tender for the self-management of Startblok Riekerhaven, Socius, De Key and the City of Amsterdam worked together, alongisde all the partners involved, to further shape the living concept of Startblok. In addition to thinking along and helping with the project’s development, Socius was involved in coordinating and supervising the self-management team for the first two years of the project. During these two years ran a  learning trajectory in which colleagues from De Key and Socius shared with each other and learned from each other.

On July 1, 2018, this cooperation successfully came to an end. The self-management team is now being supervised and managed by De Key.

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“This project is for people that really want to make something of their lives.”

Pim Koot, Socius Wonen