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Meet the team: Rosita

By 29-11-2021Blog

Rosita is 30 years old and since June this year she is the rental manager at Startblok. She studied Real Estate Management at the Hanzehogeschool. Rosita loves to sing, plays the guitar when the sun is out you can find her outside at Startblok. She also sells the paintings she makes herself and because of that she sometimes gets nice orders and requests. Before Rosita started working at Startblok, she worked for a small real estate agency in Groningen. When she moved to Amsterdam she started working for Urban Outfitters. After that she worked as a Real Estate Manager at MVGM in Amsterdam.

Rosita has been living at Startblok for 2,5 years now. One of her friends already lived in an apartment at Startblok. Her flatmate was moving out. During that time Rosita was graduating in Groningen and then she heard she could have the room in the apartment. After finishing her studies she wanted to move to Amsterdam, so the timing was perfect! The thing she likes most about Startblok is that you’re always surrounded by people with whom you can eat and chill. ‘And of course the treehouse, campfires and barbeques which are always amazing’.

For questions regarding rental business, you can always send an e-mail to: