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Meet the team: Jiddo

By 29-11-2021Blog

Jiddo is 22 years old and is one of our community builders. He is currently finishing his thesis for his Bachelor Theology. After this he wants to do a part time master in Theology. Besides his study and work at Startblok, he works 8 hours per week as a youth worker at the multicultural church Oase voor Nieuw-West. Jiddo loves sports. He likes to go for a run, enjoys kitesurfing and does calisthenics with other Startblokkers. Calisthenics is a way of working out with your body weight. Besides that he likes to have a beer with friends. Before Jiddo started working for Startblok, he worked at a sales company for 2,5 years. He was a door-to-door seller of newspaper subscriptions. ‘It’s a tough business, but I learned a lot from it.’

Jiddo has been living at Startblok since April this year. When he saw an advertisement for Startblok at Woningnet, he was immediately enthusiastic about its concept. He is very happy with the contact he has with his neighbours. ‘A while ago I got home around 10h in the evening and started to get hungry. I ran into my neighbour and he offered me some curry, yummy!’ The last two places Jiddo lived, he shared with people who were much older than him. What he likes about Startblok is that he’s surrounded by other young people like himself. He also likes the diversity of cultures here. ‘What I like about that is that it makes you conscious about your own culture.’