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Activities in May

By 07-05-2019Activity

In May it’s time for a nice barbecue, some gardening and an evening full of knowledge about Eritrea, the place a lot of our Startblokkers are originally from.

Yoga and Meditatie
Our yoga lessons are back and will be given by Startblokkers Aylish and Hasan! Besides yoga they will also focus on meditation. Are you curious and in need of some peace? Drop by the Clubhouse!

Would you like to learn (more) Dutch? Do you need some help with your homework? Or would you just like to chat with your neighbours? Join us at the Dutch ‘Taalcafé’ at Startblok.

We will provide tea and coffee and some materials for learning Dutch. If you have specific questions, it works best if you bring along your books or homework. See you there!

Samen studeren

We invite everyone to the Startblok Clubhouse to study together every Wednesday! Do you need help with the Dutch language? Do you have questions about administration? Or do you just want to meet some neighbors and drink coffee? This is the place to be!


Gain strenght, push yourself to the fullest in this weekly bootcamp!

Barbeque and garderning

Come and enjoy a nice barbeque with your neighbours and do some gardening in one of our communcal gardens!

Movie night: Uncertain Travel

Carrying on with life, is what Adinda witnessed day in day out in Palestine. Sometimes it looks if everything comes down to this: to live and not just survive. Adinda wanted to understand how this was possible in a place like the West Bank. She decided to follow a meaningful object with her camera to tell this story of the everyday life. It resulted in a travel-ethnography of a Palestinian made catholic rosary: followed from the olive tree to the souvenir shop in Bethlehem. The viewer will pass different ‘dead-endings’, ‘crossroads’ and ‘worlds’. With the simple travel a complex mosaic unfolds, more significantly, the ‘travel’ of the rosary reveals the everyday reality in Palestine.

What about Eritrea?

Want to learn more about the country a lot of your neighbours come from? Come and join us at this edition of ‘What About!’


Come join us at the Clubhouse to enjoy some warm soup and hilarious games like Cards Against Humanity and Charades! We have plenty of board games available, but of course you’re also free to bring your own if you like.

Startblok Borrel

Stop by the Clubhouse for drinks with your neighbors! Every Thursday night after the Taalcafé the Clubhouse will be open to catch up with your friends and start the weekend a little early. Just remember to bring your own drinks!

Iftar meal at Delflandplein

Come and join us, to break the fast or just to have a nice dinner together with your neighbourhood!

Hip Hop Party

Come and join us in the Clubhouse for some amazing Hip Hop music, combined with a mix of Eritrean and Syrian music to spice up the evening.