Startblok is managed by its own residents! In total, about 10% of all tenants are involved in keeping the project running! Which jobs are there?

Social Management

Group managers

Per living group, two Group Managers are chosen (one status-holder and one Dutch youngster). These tenants make sure that everyone in the living group respects the house rules. But most importantly, they make sure everybody feels at home and that there is a pleasant atmosphere in the group! Group Managers receive a small monthly payment for their work.

Did you know? The Dutch version of the term Group Manager at Startblok is ‘gangmaker’, this is the Dutch word for a person that is always actively involved in a group, and makes sure the atmosphere is at its best by organizing activities and making sure everybody is having fun. That’s why we thought this would be the perfect name for this job!

Social managers

Five tenants are the Social Managers at Startblok. Their job is to take care of the entire social management. They support the Group Managers and take care of all aspects regarding hygiene, safety and liveability. Again, most important is creating social cohesion and a good atmosphere amongst tenants! Together with the general management they form the Self-management Team that arranges all daily affairs at Startblok.

General Management

Administration Manager (Beheerder huurzaken in Dutch)

The Administration Manager is responsible for the rental administration, motivation and the selection procedure of new residents. With this manager you can sign your rental agreement, make a request for subletting your place or, ask for help by subscribing the waiting list. The Administration Manager is also present during the opening hours of the office.

Maintenance Manager (Technisch beheerder in Dutch)

The Maintenance Manager are responsible for flagging and coordinating maintenance that needs to be done at Startblok. Tenants can make requests for maintenance in Connect, which are then managed by the Maintenance Manager and forwarded to the Handyman Team or De Key. For small maintenance the Maintenance Manager asks the Handyman Team to fix it. This team is formed by tenants.

PR, communication and social implementation Managers (Beheerders PR, communicatie en maatschappelijke invulling in Dutch)

At Startblok we have two Communication Managers. They take care of all communication by email, newsletters and social media. They are also responsible for promoting Startblok and maintaining good relations with the media and external parties, such as our neighbours. Furthermore, these managers coordinates and supports all social initiatives at Startblok.

Grounds Team

The Grounds Team makes sure the outside areas are kept clean and tidy. This also includes landscape maintenance. This team is headed by the Social Managers.

Handyman Team

The Handyman Team is headed by the Maintenance Manager. The handymen in this team do all kinds of small jobs, such as: changing lamps in common areas, replacing taps and showerheads, repairing hinges and locks and other maintenance that the renter (De Key) is responsible for.

Why is there a self-management system?

Project Coordinator De Key

Fred van Dalfsen is the Project Coordinator from De Key and he supports and coordinates the Self-management Team. He will also work together with the Municipality of Amsterdam, our good neighbours and all other partners. You can reach him by e-mail:

Our team

Fred van Dalfsen

Project Coordinator

Aline Bleeker

PR & communication

Adrian Laidley

Former Communications Manager

Louise Barendregt

Former Community Developer

Samuel Fernandez Plaza

Administration Manager

Tequischa Begeer

Social manager

Hanna Smit

Social manager

Amanuel Gebremedhin

Former Social manager

Kai Strobbe

Social Manager

Ibrahim Abdel Fatah

Social Manager

Marvin Jansen

Technical Manager

Fouad Palies

Former Technical manager

“The most important aspect of Startblok is that youngsters with different histories, knowledge and talents are brought together with the same goal: creating a good place to live and where you can personally grow.”

Maartje (25), panel member