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Abdullah’s blog 1 – From Syria to Nederland

By 24-10-2016Blog

image-2016-10-24Hello, I’m Abdullah, 27 years old, born and raised in Aleppo/Syria. I’m interested in sports, riding horses, Moa Thai and going to the gym. I finished my high school and started studying architecture in Aleppo.

From Syria to Egypt and Lebanon

After the war began, I flew away from Syria to Egypt with my family. It was a horrible feeling to leave our home, streets and everything we had. But I tried to get used to live abroad and I continued my study there. I went to Lebanon to do a second study, Interior Design. I finished my study in 2015.

Double feelings

Then I decided to go to Nederland to live in peace and continue my masters. I arrived to Nederland on the 12th of September 2015. When I arrived here I got double feelings, tired, happy… I was so tired after the 20 days of travelling, but also so happy because I reached my goal. It was a long trip, sea, forests, walking. I traveled to a lot of cities in Nederland and a lot of azc’s (Goes, Utrecht, Ter Apel, Luttelgeest and more), before I got my residence permit.

A normal person again

When I got my permit, everything changed. I could start to settle down. The 1st of July 2016 was a big day for me because I got the key of my own studio in Starblok Riekerhaven! And I got my first job there as a project manager. From that time I started to find myself and started to know more about the Dutch culture, the food, treatment, the jokes and I got a lot of kind friends here. Now I am so interested to start my Dutch courses on the 14th of November at the Vrije Universiteit. I am really happy because I am training, working, partying and living as a normal person again.

Wait for my new blog if you want to know more about my life in Startblok.